Meet the Macaronista

Charlette is a home baker turned professional pastry chef. She is passionate about offering exceptional taste experiences that leaves patrons with a desire for more. In her culinary journey she discovered macarons and their versatility in appearance and flavor. She found a way to combine the delicious little morsel with the tastes of both her culinary heritage and popular tastes of today. By sharing her macarons she’s found the perfect way to connect rich, flavorful cultural history by replicating these diverse flavors in her premium handcrafted macarons.

The Inspiration

It’s amazing how tastes can establish fond nostalgic memories. I discovered this after longing for my Grandmother’s delectable desserts once I was on my own. Her pies, cakes and sweet treats were a family indulgence in my childhood. They were made with love and always presented with elegance

Meet The Macaron


  • Macaron History …. Then

    Not to be confused with the Macaroon, the Macaron is derived from the italian word macarone (meaning the meringue).

    Macaron making began in the 8th century A.D. During the Renaissance, Catherine de' Medici's Italian pastry chefs made macarons when she brought them with her to France in 1533 upon marrying Heny II of France.

    By the 1830s French macarons were served sandwiched with fillings of jams, liqueur creme, and ganache. This type of macaron is recognized as the colorful Parisian that most many are familiar with now. Many other regions of France still make their own version of the macaron and are named after the region.

  • History Making Macarons …. Now

    My Fare Lady Macarons surpass the standard macaron in the quality, intensity and variety of flavors we create.

    In addition to the popular Parisian Macarons, My Fare Lady also offers rustic regional macarons from other regions of France, such as Amiens Macarons. 

    Our Parisian and regional macarons are infused with Southern flavors that honor cultural traditions placing those flavors front and center in an internationally recognized pastry.

    My Fare Lady Macarons are not just a dessert, they symbolize a movement of crossing the cultural divide, inspiring unity one bite at a time!


"I have been a Macaron connoisseur for 20 + years and My Fare Lady macarons are the best. They burst with flavor in your mouth – they’re impeccably consistent."

"SQUARE Review - So delicious and you were so nice! Thank you!."

"Charlette brought us some [macaron] samples to the office, and they were just out of this world. Of course I’ve been trying to watch my figure, but never mind that when it comes to the macarons."

"I thought the macarons were extremely tasty.I just thoroughly enjoyed the way they melted in my mouth."

"I love the macarons; my new favorite dessert is now the salted caramel. Thanks! I really love them with coffee."

"My favorite one, I am a country boy, so the peach cobbler. That reminded me of my grandmother’s peach cobbler and it was FANTASTIC."

Home of the Original Lady Belle Signature Amiens Macarons

The colorful Parisian macarons sandwiched with a creamy filling are the most recognizable and well known today. But did you know that Macarons can be traced back to the 17th century?

Amiens, France is one of many French regions that makes their own "old fashioned" version. Lady Belle Macarons offers Amiens Macarons with the kind of unique, flavorful twist that you've come to expect from "The Lady". Our Amiens Macarons are a perfect pairing with coffee and tea.  And, as with our Parisian Macarons, they are gluten free!

We have 4 indulgent flavors: Earl Grey & Tupelo Honey, Orange Ginger, Lemon Poppy-Seed and Blueberry Crumble.

"Don't just be a Macaron in a cookie world, be a Macaron like no other" - The Macaronista