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It’s amazing how tastes can establish fond nostalgic memories. I discovered this after longing for my Grandmother’s delectable desserts once I was on my own. Her pies, cakes and sweet treats were a family indulgence in my childhood.  They were made with love and always presented with elegance.

I set out to master my favorite desserts and recreate the tastes I loved so that she could coach me. Once she approved I created the family desserts from then on.  This quest for mastery led me to study at Le Cordon Bleu. I went on to become a pastry chef.  Grandma was indeed proud!

After years of sharing my traditional creations with family and friends I discovered the delightful versatility of macarons and created My Fare Lady Macarons. The delicate petit four offers endless opportunities to deliver the flavors that are reminiscent of my grandmother’s desserts in addition to other flavors I’ve come to love or desired by others.

Because I want to share my passion for creating memorable taste experiences, My Fare Lady Macarons captures those flavorful memories and places them in handcrafted macarons that are as exquisite as the Lady who’s the inspiration behind them.